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Pineapples are picked direct from the paddock when they are ripe and yellow, being a family farm we have the added benifit of being able  to pick fruits at their sweetest ripest stages, to delivery the best tasting produce to you!
We have two varieties grown on our farm; The smooth Cayanne Pineapple & the Asian Sweet Rough. Which we dehydrate with no sugar added and no sulphurs, no colours, no preservatives nothing is added to the drying process or the storage process.
Our superb dried pineapples are a good source of dietary fiber, enzymes, and antioxidants. Our natural, pineapple are a delicious treat & a great addition to any trail mix.
-payment via PayPal will incure a 2.6% levey, please contact us for direct banking details.
-postage prices can vary for kilos for elsewhere please message for quote
-postage within Australia will be sent via AustPost Express bag

NT Dried Pineapples 100 grams

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