Livingstone Orchards

Livingstone Orchards have
created a healthy product and
natural snack, 100% natural dried
 fruit retains the delicate flavors
while being preservative and
additive free.No colors, flavors,
 preservatives, additional sugar or sulfur used in the drying process or in the final product.
-Fat free
-Gluten free
-Dairy free
-Preservative free
-Sulphur free
-No artificial colours or flavoursubtitle

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Mixed Citrus 50 grams


Dehydrated Limes and Lemons

Perfect edible garnish that adds delicious citrus flavours to your G&T!

Need more ideas for using your dehydrated citrus slices, why not to a cup of hot tea, add flavour to glasses of water or dip them into some melted dark chocolate for an amazing treat or our favourite way to garnish cocktails.

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